Chelsea De-list #1

Well, I said that when Chelsea blogged her numbers that I would support her by listing. And I’m going to do it. This is because Chelsea is neatomosquito, and I am her fan, and I think “that when she grows up” (ha, ha) she should have a talk show, or be on the news or something. Or the radio. Because she’s rad. She’s my favorite Tweeter, prolly. I always Forget to FollowFriday her, but that’s probably because I think FollowFriday is silly.

So, since it’s silly saturday, I’ll start this off. Or maybe I’ll post something for silly saturday on my twitter. We’ll see …

Anyway. Chelsea’s Post number one.

BEST FRIENDS. I will do 1-6 since she did six. I have chosen to fill six spots and I will randomly fill them will content/concepts rather than people. This is because this concept has really morphed throughout my life … since I am an old woman. Chelsea is 19. I am 36. So I can confidently say that stuff has changed and I am NOT who I was when I was her age. That’s part of the reason that I find her and some of her buds so fascinating, I s’pose.

1. HUSBAND: I got married twelve years ago, when Chelsea was seven. Ack. It’s okay. I’ve had plenty of time to get to know THIS MAN. I would have to say that we know each other enough that I would do some seriously illegal stuff for him. And that I should proably not disclose that on a blog. So I’m totally just kidding, and this is just for the purposes of hyperbole. If someone turns up missing, he TOTALLY did it. Particularly if it’s me. Look in the backyard.

OMG, I’m totally kidding. Here’s one of our more charming videos to try to explain our relationship.

2. BROTHERS: I have brothers. I am riddled with brothers. My mother had two boys, and then it just escalated. I have three stepbrothers. I adopted another brother during a series of rooftop bonding sessions culminating in a bizarre branding ritual that only we understand.

I will come back and post a video for my brother’s birthday soon, but it’s not done yet so soon, soon …..

3. “OURS” : Mike and I have people that we kinda claim. They’re ours. We keep them and they are here. Christian (my brother mentioned above with the branding) is one of those. Randall is becomming that way though. He lives here, in my mind. He doesn’t, but he does. This is where he belongs. There’s a place here where Drew goes too. They are our people.

4. WOMEN: I have some women in my life that I really value. It’s hard for me to talk about the women. I keep them close by, in case of emergency. It’s like a pack.

5. I have some long-standing relationships that are epic in scope and will last for lifetimes. The are category-less and boundless. There are a handful of people I can think of that I have taken with me from places I’ve been involved with; starting with school and going onward from place to place. I kept a few high school friends, some college folks.

Rebekah, Jenny, AJ (my friend of the stoplight/unicycling incident fame), Somer, Liz (who married my brother). Jen and Alan. I’ve made Jay. There’s some good people who have fallen off the face who I really miss too.

6. MUSIC: I’m collaborate, and this is very important. I’m a nester, and very social. And yet, I’m socially freaked out, and very shy about getting out there. The TMA thing has been REALLY great. Getting involved in a new band has been stellar. I have really understated how nice it’s been to play with John. And it’s been really nice to do al this collaborating with Joe. Perhaps someday we’ll be able to get stuff together and finish. There is definately a lot of mutual regard, I think. This is how the collaborations that I have that go well with people really have worked. When there is a chemistry based on a need to protect and serve the other person a little bit, but also a need to achieve for yourself.

Anyway. That’s it for now. More when I’m told there’s more out there.

Really, this is just a gratuitous excuse to list up. And avoid my work. Although I have done lyrics.

Chelsea De-list #1

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