my listy mclist-isterness

I make lists. I like them.

I don’t talk much about Austin, but I did on a list and maybe I should have done it here. I’m a bit lazy about talking about my Austin life here even though I s’pose I’m sposssed too. I’ll try to do a post that talks more about my Austin people in a more Austin-centric way later. I’ll talk about Brett’s show maybe on Saturday. I need to start being more bloggy, I s’pose. It’s hard when this is what you do for worky-work (insert racuous laughter).

I also don’t really care all that much about spelling as I am a songwriter and also do not care about singing things right as long as I sing them in an entertaining and Charismatic fashion which is also quite Nifty.

I like to capitalize nouns and sometimes also adjectives. This is not because I am trendy or worshipping Travis Norris (not that there is anything wrong with worshipping any of the Travumvirate), who I wrote a watermelon song for.


I wanna make a list here but also I’m not in the mood.

Speaking of work, it’s a whole lotta unpaid WORK to cull through the unpaid WORK in this town and then realize you’re going to have to try to think of something that will get you paid when you are a social mutant who is pocket and does not mix well with others. Or make something up. And if all avenues are exhausted you’ll have to find a job. Or do #thatthingyourenotverygoodat … which will probably result in deaths. Or at the very best, lawsuits.

I feel sometimes as though I have rehearsed my whole life for something that no one really wants me to do all that much. #kicksrock

It doesn’t really matter though. I’m going to petulantly continue doing it anyway. So I suppose I should get off the interwebs.

my listy mclist-isterness

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