I am at a cafe. I like ze cafe. Yessssss….

This one is called The Bakehouse. I am here working and mainlining coffee. I think that since Les Amis shut down off campus in the late 90s, which is a damn shame because it was the sexiest coffee shop in all of the galaxy, it now has the best coffee in the city which can be procured at a cafe. I don’t know why this is. I know that the best we make at home is because we get it at Third Coast Coffee. I heard that you get the best coffee at Star Seeds Cafe, but that info was deadity-dead-dead-wrong. I am Not just Saying That because I am a South Austinite that breaks out into skeevy hives whenever I cross over the bridge and really twitches when I get up near 2222 (pronounced “twenty-two, twenty-two;” and not “Route two thousand, two hundred and twenty-two” or “two-two-two-two” or “quad two” or “RouteWhateverMonkey”)

I will say though, that the coffee was functional and comforting at Star Seeds, and not bitter and angry making. Sometimes the coffee at Opal’s makes me angry and they mess it up. I don’t usually care though because I am also drinking a bloody mary and having fantastic migas so it’s fine.

Enough food talk. I’m having turkey reuben guilt. It’s because I’m a $&%^* vegetarian. I’ve been backsliding. I do that when… uh … Mission Control has to give my inner Strawberry Shortcake doll a hall pass during Fifth Period.


It’s my blog. Ohwhale.

Speaking of whale… whatup with the fail whale? And whaddup with me CARING about the presence of the Twitter Fail Whale, caring enough about it to ask that question, or living in a society where that comes up? I need to get back to work. Or I’m going to have to go to walden pond again or something. Watch me. I’ll do it. I have all but stopped the morning pages. I NEVER blogged my morning pages, or ANY of my old diaries either, and I was MUCH more productive then.

Okay bloglings, I digress … and why shouldn’t I?

(when you start quoting your own song lyrics-and speaking of avoidance, it’s because you are avoiding doing your own dishes. Don’t let anyone tell you any different).


Color of the Day: a fetching shade that isn’t quite pink… OR purple

Song of the Day: Pretty Noise (Governing Dynamics).
…. wow. there’s either a travisnorrissong for everyone or he just crawled into my head. and his voice is just so interestingly!

Quote of the Day: “Turns out that taking candy from a baby isn’t as easy as it sounds.” (Rhod Durre of Godz Poodlz)

#Spintunes Progress: about 49% done-ish. give or take a version or two. Maybe

HOUSE: best not to talk about it.

Lists: in shambles.


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