an actual list. with numbers

1. still at the cafe. one of my stripper songs(#2 ..bottom of page) is playing. I’m hoping that this is not a sign.

2. am trying NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT.

3. am slowly LOSING MY MIND.


5. need to concentrate on just one thing.

6. ten windows open in my current browser windows. This is not the only blog entry I’m working on in THIS blog either. What is wrong with me? What am I freaking out about?

7. I’m listening to some song about being fifteen and thinking that the boy who tells you he loves you … well … loves you … sounds like an abstinance song to me. I realize that I am not entirely sure how to spell “abstinance.” But this doesn’t mean that I think that you should go giving your hearts away “willy nilly” to any “young whipper snapper” who plays your “stripper song.” Or that I approve of the use of language such as “willy nilly” or “whipper snapper.”

8. Good grief, I’m in the beyond. This could be because I’m trying to work with this on overhead.

9. Also … sometimes… I just want to say… come on Bon Jovi, I expect more. It could be because of my twitchytwitch McMoodister

10. I need to start tagging, but right now my organizational-ness is out of control. I’ll get better soon (here’s to hopin’)

an actual list. with numbers

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