monday list time

1. don’t worry. I still do lists at other places. I’m ADDICTED to lists. I’m a frickkin ADDICT these days.
2. That’s why I’m going with my sister in law Liz-O (her whole nickname is “Delayed Reaction Liz-O” and she is the person along with the Proper Way of doing the “Whatever Monkey” signal.
3. I am learning more and more every day that I don’t get and can’t play well with the humans. I am a strange little dampandemotional swamp creature that needs to sit submerged in her bog and mellow out on her little creepy planet. I don’t like cold, robotic change. I don’t like politic. I don’t like weird rules. I DO like the routine of the seasons. I DO like to slither and hide under a rock.

Like I said, I hide the pretty things in the walls. I know… I sound like a troll. Of course, when *I* say troll, I’m thinking of fairy tales and bridges, and not creepy internet crap. I only just found out what a troll was in the last two months. Sheesh. I don’t “get” anything. It’s like I was born last century.

4. All is not lost, somehow though, for the dork within. Maybe someday I will tell you my story about me geeking out and Peter Mayhew at a certain … place. But not today. I won’t live it down, I’m afraid. I have a reputation. And secrets.
5. I am still proud of my Elfquest comic books. The will never be sold.
6. The meal is over, and I did NOT drink a diet soda. I’m gettin’ there people, I’m gettin’ there.

monday list time

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