1. I’m having some GORGEOUS escape fantasies right now! Tahiti-nepal-sexnrazors-napalm-bleeding-circlesinsilence-crazycrazyMondaybreathing-plugintheforkRIGHTNOW-earwaxcake-HURRYUP AND FLY across the border-changemyname FOREVERandEVER! YEAH, baby!
2. Do you ever feel as though …… you are BEING WATCHED?????!!!! {cue creepy organ music!!! dunh, dunh DUNNNNNNNHHHHHH!}
3. They’ve got a bed. Ward 11. All picked out. It’s pretty. But I won’t go. I don’t like the casserole.
4. I hate everybody, and I WON’T FRICKKING GO, you HEAR ME!!?????
6. I will play Vampires Live all night until I die.
7. I think my skin is getting darker, it must be summertime.
8. I haven’t tried corn in a while, but I think I still don’t like it.
9. I checked, and I don’t think I wanna be famous anymore. I DO wanna be kinda well off though, so I guess I’ll try to keep working. Maybe I should take up banking. I guess I need to take up math now. That kinda blows, doesn’t it.
10. You know what? NUR EIN! It’s a real pity, isn’t it.
11. I REALLY need to finish those reviews. I’ll keep trying, I really will. Those people deserve more from me. Especially Niveous, who pretty much said the coolest thing about me I’ve heard in a long time. It’s nice to be seen.
12. 36 is too late for a career change, isn’t it?


Fun photo of the DAY!!!!!

OOO! Creepy serial killer photo 🙂 🙂 🙂


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