I’m going to blog a list of my plans again today. I know this is because everyone cares so DEEPLY for my whereabouts.

I will try to tone down the sarcasm. I guess I’m having another one of those, “why are we doing any of this at all?” moments. When I get those I start questioning the validity of all relationships. Why should we bug anyone with our stuff? I feel angry and mean, I feel everyone else is angry and mean (this sentence sounds worse than it is. I make lots of generalizations). But it will pass.

So here is all the minutiae that if you don’t want to read about I’m sure you’ll move on. Because after all if you’re still reading then you give a damn so there-you-go-I-s’pose. 🙂

1. Catch up on the goings-on-whereabouts of online people. Check-to-a-point.
2. Finish all pressing email situations. Check.
3. Eat something.
4. Fix other list of other things (yes, a list about a list. Yes, I see an irony within an irony sautéed in a wormhole of juicy toasted fun. Hush up, now …)
5. Clean and put away laundry.
6. Wipe tears out of eyes from laughing at concept of number 5.
7. Hold stitch in side, which is pained from laughing realreal hard at foolishness of COMBINING the two epic task of number 5 into TWO list items.
8. Think about going by self to crowded grocery store to buy items of human consumption like a normal human-bean (which would include beans. for humans. to make tacos. yummmm.)
9. Figure out what to do with a couple of files I’ve made and finish the process on them.
10. Listen to my friend’s podcast
11. Write a nur ein review (Ulp!)
12. Practice.
13. Work on a VIDEO!!!

That’s it. Lucky 13. Whoop-whoop. Yee-haw. And DOWN! LiveitLearnitLoveit.


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