REALLY QUICK LIST for my sanity.

1. I’m rushing nur ein.
2. I think this one is going to be riddled with WIN.
3. If I have acted CRAZY in any way in the past few months, I am so sorry. I haven’t been getting enough sleep. The situation will be rectified. I’ll be waking up now (metaphorically speaking). If you could do all you can to help me out with picking up the lost pieces of my life, that’d be great 🙂
4. One example, I’ve REALLY hermitted. That’s gotta stop.
5. Pizza and fudge shouldnt be eaten at the same time.
6. I’ve learned valuable things from song contests and stuff, but I think when I’m done I may start giving these things a miss for a while. I dunno. I’ve got to start working on an album or something, thinking about playing a LOT more.
7. Best lesson I’ll take with me is NEVER release things prematurely. That’s the best thing to know. I like my old perfectionistic ways. My gut instincts WERE correct, and there’s NOTHING wrong with them.

Sevens are lucky.

REALLY QUICK LIST for my sanity.

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