Nur Ein

I have made it into Nur Ein. It’s put on by the people over at Song Fight. I’m listening to it right now. The first few songs are already better than mine right now. This doesn’t bode well! ­čÖé The songs are all here

I’ve heard nothing but good production so far. It’s pretty good. I’m really not up to par for this one. I’m glad it’s the first (zero) round because my song is NOT good enough. I’m going to have to bring it next round. I believe that since there are not enough people, I’m going to get through and we all do the One Round.

Admittedly, I think my lyrics were good (or at least indicative of my style), but my delivery and playing and engineering lacked this round. It was basically a glorified improv. Good ideas, but not really real tight. But this contest … I’m COMPLETELY┬áSTOKED.

It’s funny, because┬áSpintown (who is awesome) has issue with my lyrics but usually likes things I don’t like so much! I’ll have to keep that in mind when I get to my Travis-oriented things that are on my list of things to do.

I have a rap name too for myself. I picked it out! I’m DJ Ranger Den. The Den thing is sort of my nod to Joe. It’s his name for me. He had a crazy week. So Joe, you can have props in my nickname. There you go! ­čÖé


Here are the lyrics to the tune


Could there be possibilities
seeded from dualities
sick needs
from lines I read between

You’re not convinced, I see
lick fingers one two three four five
quick tricky fight to stay alive
spin destiny real tightly

Wrath and sloth and pride and greed
and lust and envy, gluttony
Up down, in out / and sideways, manic
tie me up and there’s no time
to panic

baptisms in infamy
won’t make this broken mirror lucky
so lead me up the stairway
to your eight nine then eleven twelve thirteen

i fall dangerously and need
your deadly sins all over me
be the one who’s down below
the angel of the 66th row

add three, I don’t care
make it make-believe I’m still there
practice underwater breathing
wear your heart upon my sleeve

crunch time, time to cut the wire
chaos suicide it’s blastoff time
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
ground zero blast off time
no panic time the games not mine
five four three two one and now
ground zero / you’re down below


Nur Ein

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