Two wonderful links.

We had the best Tacos at a place called LaFlor. Perhaps we think this because we have only been going to Maria’s and Torchy’s (both of which are good, although lately Maria’s has not been behaving itself!) and that’s it. But I’m totally ready to up the ante now. There’s other people who care deeply for tacos like me, and you can read some about it on this wonderful website about (I kid you not!) Taco Journalism. I can’t think of a lot of stuff more worthy than that! Well, of course I can … but you know what I’m saying. While you’re thinking of these worthy things … you should be eating tacos.

On the way to Whole Foods to get groceries, I scarfed down my taco like a starving woman. The sauce was like an aphrodisiac. Way too hot for me but I kept pouring it on anyway. I WANTED the pain. I am in for this taco adventure now. So I’m going to go around town and look for these tortures. BRING IT!

A wonderful thing that we used to find this one was this iPhone app. Mike told me he had it on his phone and I said “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!? THERE’S AN iTaco???”

I will probably vuh-blog extensively later about this. I’m putting up a new vBlog today on my secret channel about yesterday because I started nur ein.

Tonight it is Taco Tuesday. I found an article about this phenomenon. It’s like

A little list to go then we’re done …
1. this morning I was awakened by a horrible dream! I dreamed that my CPU did that awful whirr-whirr-whirr thing and then BOOM! I haven’t BACKED UP in a while … so


So I bolted out of bed, needless to say.
2. Last night’s icecream has made me SUPER SICK! I can’t eat icecream anymore, this is terribly clear.
3. I have a screaming headache. This could be because I am a vampire, and do not sleep. Why yes, I’d like to suck your blood. Yes, I can refrain from staring at your neck during polite conversations. SUUURREEE… we can just be friends! It doesn’t have to be weird! It’s TOTALLY COOL … #akwardvampireturtle
4. I am getting better and better at dealing with the humans, but I’m not really good at it yet.

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