Poem for 7:36 in the morning

This is one of my ‘abstracts.’ For when nothing else will do. It’s a quick non-cleaned up fast-flow of words. Live-it Learn-it Love-it. šŸ™‚
[except I have come back and fixed the punctuation.]

Precisely that..
..stretching out
sinking really
very fast

I’m gaping at the past
aghast; remembering
who once laughed then
will probably once again
laugh last

these thoughts that ferret free
they complicate so simply
(like I wish a simple phrase would shape a melody).
so many things have fallen into place;
the point’s been driven home,
one might say-

several times a day
I am reminded
of the many ways
I came to be..
this thing that holds a key to my own
is it bad, or good
or evil, toxic, wasted ?
Am I clean, a mess
or is this scene
just me – in clips run end-to-endless?

i cannot ask for bread
i wait for crumbs of sound instead
I will make the sound exist inside
-I’ll strap myself in my own ride
-or paint my own town cherry red
(POP the cork in my own head!)
maybe the muse will listen this time
..or maybe she’ll just call in dead.

Poem for 7:36 in the morning

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