1. I am *bedridden!* Isn’t that a nice romantic word for dizzycrampynauseatedsideeffectyheadachesshakes? It sounds so fainting-couch! So “back-of-the-hand-to-the-head!” I’m such a drama queen! I’m the stuff from which legends are made! I’m Most Likely to Use Elipses! To Misspell Grammmatical Terms in a Sexual and Charming Fashion! Most Likely to Put Words In “Quotes” (quotation marks! Aagghh!) and Connect Phrases Unnecessacelery-and-Drolly with Hyphens! Whee!
2. I’m a little silly today.
3. The oak pollen in Austin is still trying to KILL everyone. Allergies will destroy.
4. I wrote an insightful, articulate blog, which was eaten by #damniphone. (I LOVE my hashtags by the way. They are like hash browns, but with fewer calories).
5. I am not in bed now, I am downstairs drinking dietcoke and listening to an array of birds that makes the Amazon sound like the most well soundproofed studio ever made.
6. Sick and silly is not a good combination.
7. I need to be drinking water, and probably easing up on the caffeine.

— Post From My iPhone


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