1. Today is one of those days where I need to learn to leave well enough the hell alone. But I am a Pusher Of It. An Overstater of Facts. A Overapplyer of Icing. A ladel-ler of Gravy. So it’s time to eat dinner before I start over-applying effects to things that need to sit and mellow. Because I do tend to go overboard.
2. Quote of the day: “okay … the harpsichord’s a little hard to CONTROL …”
3. Random selection from ‘Book of Curious Lists’ which my Aunt Mary Ellen gave me as a gift and which will be a sublist


I can’t really think of any more. Those are all my good camel names.

4. Practicing is not great today. I’m not at the point where I’m doing what I think of as “applied, focused practice.” But I did make a video for my friend Heather from TMA. It’s a REALLY stupid video though. While I was looking at the stupid video, I found other stupid videos on my camera. They distracted me from other stuff I really need to get cracking on. I wonder why I am SO easily distracted!
5. I really need to get cleaned up and out of here!
6. I think I’m in a bit of a weird mix-y-upp-y depression, but I’m not real sure.
7. I’ve been reading about Nur Ein. But the deadline is in a couple of days and I have other more important things I have to hit. And I have to hit them WELL. Which is why I’m going to get a sandwich. Sandwiches provide perspective. Paricularly if they are made from cheese and cucumbers and tomatoes and they come with salsa and chips and you get a kombucha tea as well. YUMMMMM. Garden District I LOVE IT!!!!!
8. I need to get more Ramen for my house so that I neverever have to leave not even for tacos. Of course, if I buy some avocados and cheese and beans and rice and I could probably stay here. And a tomato or something too. and cilantro. Of course tortillas as well …
9. The other list was about taxidermy, but I chose camels, because it is Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow can be ‘Taxidermy Thursday.’
10. I’m thinking about starting a webcast. Like a talk-show thing. Like in the early evenings. I’m not sure though. I may tape it. I’d definately play new songs. It would make me write a song every week. Maybe more than one. I would probably write a song FOR the cast. And I’d have guests on the show, I think.


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