1. life is not explained in 140 character snippets, and I need to remember this. this and related things
2. the little twisty feeling at the bottom of my spine that signals me that strangeness is lurking someplace behind a hidden door is not built on complete idiocy.
3. i need to make more videos, but only because *I* want to.
5. PRACTICE, because I’ve lost it.
6. The etude is not coming back on its own.
7. The sightreading skilset is not a magic gift from the fairies.
8. I am not beautiful, special, magical, and fabulous either. I have to practice and work and push through to get my point across. I have to polish what I got and package what I sell. I’m scrappy, more than anything.
9. When you are getting together a contingency plan for something you know is going to happen, that’s not a contingency plan, that’s just – the plan.
10. Change the plan. Call it a program.
11. my email is a mess.
12. organzing my computer again is helpful.


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