Akward Turtle – a list

1. Things have been turning on a dime lately, and I need faster skates.
2. I didn’t get through my last bout of darkness like I wanted, but what can I do?
3. Life is messy.
4. I’m not streaming the gig tonight.
5. I’m switching gears for a while.
6. I have that sick feeling in my stomach that you get when you’ve given ‘hand’ away. But it was something I needed to do.
8. I need to make proper lists.
9. I need to close some open loops and move on to the next items that need check marks
10. I need to start training again.

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Akward Turtle – a list

2 thoughts on “Akward Turtle – a list

  1. philosophywithfries says:

    Prolly people I’ve shown too many cards. :S Or that I have to wait on rather than the other way around #ihatewaiting

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