10 Random Things From My Life. Explained.

1. I like: shoes. I’ve liked shoes since it was trendy or fashionable for women to be “shoe whores.” They were calling me Imelda Marcos when I was really little. I used to keep shoes I liked WAAAYYY past when they needed to be tossed. I’ll wear uncomfortable shoes because they’re hot, and …

I don’t know … just … SHOES, okay!!!?? Not so well known fact. Apparently romance novelist Danielle Steele has a HELLA shoes. So I don’t feel bad about mine all over the house. Nnayh!

2. I will dye my hair until the day I keel over.
3. I will never marry again. This is my one time.
4. I have a love/hate relationship with my town.
5. I live in a house where we spend a lot of time on the back porch. We always seem to have neighbors that are in a certain house across the backyard that are … very strange and spend a lot of time shouting obscenities. They always seem to have very loud, loud dogs as well.

My neighborhood is also full of loud dogs.

6. I’m a little nervous around dogs and it takes me a while to get used to them. I have to sit and be calm with them for a while. I think they scare me a little. I’m also that way with horses. They scare me.
7. I feel the need to be extremely prepared for every situation and every eventuality, so I really enjoy rehearsing and I hate improvising. Improvising makes me very uncomfortable.
8. I feel that it is rude to self-promote too overly much, which also makes it difficult in the music industry.
9. I like cheese (actual cheese) over popcorn. It’s my guilty pleasure food.
10. I LOVE recording and the recording process and am growing really, really fond of it.

10 Random Things From My Life. Explained.

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