A Series of Declaratives and RHETORICAL Questions

1. Why am I a crazy person?
2. What does it all MEAN?
3. Will I scare the neighbors away?
4. Will it get any better?
5. Am I ever going to understand?
6. somethings gotta give.
7. I love smoking. It makes me happy and calms me the hell down.
8. I love lists. It’s like almost pornographic.
9. My singing voice is getting better.
10. It’s useless to write the music in my head.
11. I’m lucky I’m versatile and flexible and nice and amphibious in nature. Otherwise I would have drowned in the thickthickthick air.
12. I will never get it all recorded, and will die in a firey crash with none of my music left for the general populace.
13. No one will care about this sad fact. No, I’m not trying to get comments from this. In what will be a relatively short amount of time for the universe, no one will care about anyone anymore – even if they are veryvery important to a great deal of people (which I am not).
14. Why do I want EVERY unobtainable and high calorie item in the intergalatic candy store?
15. Why am I important enough to take a note of?
16. In the intergalactic candystore, they still sell candy cigarettes, toffee, now & laters, M&Ms which have primarily green ones in the bag (this is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen, btw!), and 3Musketeers. And Watchamacallits. mmmmmm.
17. Why do I love food when I can’t eat it?

A Series of Declaratives and RHETORICAL Questions

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