more blogging

I’m back in that place where I’m deleting the blogs and saving them on the desktop again. I know that this generally precedes a crash. There are other behaviors alongside this. I know what and why it’s happening. I know how it’s going to go down.

I know what I’ve done to cause it, I know how little control I have over it. I know that the party is over, pretty much. I know that there is work to be done if I will survive things. I know there might be somethings I can do to forestall it. Prevention? I don’t know. Right now I’m going to go to sleep. Tomorrow I’m going in to see someone about some stuff. Then I’ll take care of some stuff around here. I’ll probably do very little work. I do have a gig. I’ll get some things done. I’ll try to be as scarce as possible. But I’ve said that before.

more blogging

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