A list of things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. There are actually Several Different taco songs
2. Tacos are not actually my favorite food.
3. I desperately want a Vibraphone. Or a marimba.
4. I can’t whistle in performance situations, because I will laugh.
5. Sometimes if I need to wear socks, and I don’t have matching ones … well … I just DON’T REALLY CARE
6. I’m not a neat person. I’m REALLY MESSY actually. Like not GROSS GROSS messy.

actually, I’m sorta lying. I’m not slovenly-ohcrap-she-needs-to-go-on-a-tv-show-messy … but I cause concern from time-to-time.

7. I don’t really use my Music Theory like I should. And I know a hella lot of it.
8. I don’t like coconut. Or the smell of it as a perfume or a lotion …

… unless it is REALLY hot and it’s sandy and everyone is half naked and oily on a beach and it’s in the form of suntan oil or something. Then, the smell of coconut is okay. But not unless it’s for that. I don’t really like it for cake or anything.

It’s good in rum too.

9. I like questions. Yay questions.
10. I like Dave. 🙂 He beat me in Song Fu. Dave likes me too 🙂 Go read his blog.

11. I don’t like ending on “ten”
12. So on that note, I’d like to say that I am WAAAAY behind on some things. Like sick-sick behind. It’s because I’ve been trying to make some connections with some people. I’ve been trying to be more social. I’ve been trying to crawl out of my little shell, both here online and also at home in real-life. But I have sacrificed working and practice. I still work a lot – but much of my mojo has been lost.

As a result, I’m going to have to gun it on some projects. So if I pop on to the places where I normally do and am not as … prolific as I’ve been, this time I am not avoiding anyone. You’ll see me when you see me and when you do this time I’ll be coming with some results. I’ve just been a little … overwhelmed for a few.

A list of things You Didn’t Know About Me

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