1. Bad habits
2. Repetitive-ness
3. Stupidity
4. nemesis-level sitches which are normal in size for normal people
5. Charcoal.
6. The cold
7. The heat
8. Being in-between sizes
9. Having no clean underwear and zilch interest or oppurtunity to do laundry
10. A calendar full of obligations
11. A list full of disorganization
12. A reputation of fragility
13. .. needs, wants, and wishes that won’t be fulfilled
14. .. plans, hopes, and, dreams that are huge and nebulous
15. .. strength, sensuality, and confidence that can’t be advertized
16. .. talent, status, love, relantionships-of-any-sort, or
goals that can’t be recognized

anyway. I have a LOT to do today and nada aladda time to do any of it. It’s important that I do it all right and well, because I’ve actually been striking out a lot lately professionally; and yet there are all these oppurtunities opening up. I’m sustaing myself on rep and trills alone right now, I’m afraid. I need to make a head space that makes some kind of sense and just smack down.

Like I used to back when I kicked ass.

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Location:The list of things which are a pain


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