cliff edge

I’m hanging. I’ve had this feeling before. I remember this feeling. This is an overcaffienated, freaky feeling of being outside myself. A frenzied, I-don’t-know-myself feeling. An over-stimulated feeling. And I’m kind of scared, actually. I know what it comes in the front of. I’ve just never been HERE before, in these circumstances. I’ve never had this much responsibility. I’ve never been out in public.

I’m not out “in public.” I’ve actually been more “at home.” But there are more people around me, because I’ve been online a lot. But my world is growing smaller and smaller because I’ve been online so much that my creativity is shrinking because I am missing something that it relies so much on.

This is a warning that I’ve been given, it’s a wake-up call. I know what will happen to me if I ignore it….


cliff edge

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