‘Something Very Horrible (Bluebeard’s Lament)’

Well, Masters of Songfu Round 2 is up. I have written a song called ‘Something Very Horrible (Bluebeard’s Lament).’ We were told to write a song that doesn’t rhyme. It was very difficult. I chose to write a song about Bluebeard. It’s based upon his fable. You can find out more about Bluebeard, and his poor wives – here, where I liked all the story except the very last line!

It features a fellow called Joe “Covenant” Lamb. He is also a member of Too Much Awesome with me, and won the last Song Fu, so I’m fortunate to have him on my track.

And SECOND most importantly, you can vote for the song HERE!

(and apologies for BLOGGING this SO LATE to anyone I’ve passed a card to :S)

‘Something Very Horrible (Bluebeard’s Lament)’

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