5 Moody Review-y Thoughts on the Review

I’m moody today. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the weather. I don’t feel like I have the right, because I’m doing really well in the voting for Fu this time around. But I kind of feel like something bad is going on right now and I don’t like it. Then again, I’m a crazy person.

Anyway, I really liked Travis’ review. I’m going to put it in a list though because that works better for me. These are just pre-thoughts about my segment. Because I’m going to be narcissistic right this minute.

1. You “get” more about my song than you think you do because of your choice of “favorite lyric element.” I threw a key in there. Of course, it’s a broken obscure key and hardly explains a damn thing about what I really write about. Of course, I’m not prone to talk about myself anymore than I’m gonna post “rainysexy song fu reviews.” Particularly not today 🙂
2. I really liked the way that you summed me up, and kind of gave me room to breathe. And you did it in a review-y fashion. Actually, you seemed to do it for a lot of people. You really captured the personality of everyone and showed that you kind of GOT everybody. And you showed that you have a lot of respect for everyone as well.
3. I liked that you pointed out “film noir,” because that’s kind of what I was going for. I’m actually trying to do a consistent theme with my SongFu collection because I am going to make an album. I will explain how I think things “work” at some point because I have an idea for a mixed-media thing. … and stuff. … Maybe. (I like an ellipsis like you like a good bag of hashtags)

Someday I will explain that more fully. I probably have a lot of things I could explain. It’s difficult though. Sometimes I try to talk more about myself, and it doesn’t come across.

4. I think my dynamics are getting a little less jarring because my engineering is getting better. 🙂
5. I don’t think that I’m the most experimental though, but it’s high praise because I have some raw ingredients that I find it tough to work with that I’m glad I’m getting across. Most of my songs are highly sexualized and romanticized thoughts about very specific things that I’m going through that I dramatize because I am a songwriter. But I don’t talk about them because … like you say … I am “weird.”

I’m glad that you don’t think weird is bad – but many people do. There are so few people that get me. I’m fortunate to live with someone who does. Unfortunately, good marriages sometimes are NOT good song fodder. Fortunately, I’m kind of a psycho who thinks about death and cannibalism (not for me!) and perversion and flowers and monkeys and poptarts and conga drums and quality footwear and perfume and hair dye and has “topical” and “work” and “just for fun” crushes on lotsa people at the same time. So I write. 🙂

Anyway, your review was really good and your writing really IS stellar. I like people who bother. In Austin it’s a hard thing to find because everyone is really busy trying to get people to come to their shows, of which there are 5-7 a week.

5 Moody Review-y Thoughts on the Review

One thought on “5 Moody Review-y Thoughts on the Review

  1. Your next to last paragraph is my favorite. I read it like 6 times, you make me melt Denise. Your writing even in a blog makes me want to make love to your words. I love you! You are amazing, and you tickle my senses. 😉

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