I think I’m having an online Facebook fight with another musician who is:

1. most certainly in my “top 12”
2. annoying, but in a really wonderful way.
3. slightly more talented than me, which is sort of intimidating.
4. mysterious … OR IS HE … nah – it’s a put on … NO! WAIT! it’s not … maybe he needs a cape. Or a creepy organ. And a basement …
5. excruciatingly hot and looks like a heartbreaking model that one would accidentally run into at a cafe full of smart poets or revolutionaries who are cooler than Wal-mart-y Texan Housewives. Not that I like Wal-mart. At least, not since they screwed up my Wal-mart by putting that grocery store in it!
6. dissing people that I have NO BUSINESS feeling protective of, because in my past they’ve done nothing but hurt me real, real bad.

Why am I sticking my neck out? What am I doing? Why don’t I just shut up?

I think it’s the principle of the thing. I think it’s the way that the criticisms are falling out. It’s the way that the enviornment is getting made. I don’t know the answers to these questions.

I know that not just anyone should be allowed to play anywhere. Who gets to apply the standard of awesome though? I know a lot of people who would hate Medeski, Martin, and Wood – who are brilliant. There are people who are into hard core country music – the Nashville kind which I think is a bit cheesy and over-produced. NOT the kind that the people I know who are doing what they call “outlaw” music are doing.

Then there are these online people that I’ve been with – the TMA folk who are into people like Jonathan Coulton. They don’t know anything about the enviornment down here. They don’t know how … snooty the Austin people can get. And they don’t know how Austin people can host amazing musicans here that, ironically – they don’t seem to have the britches for.

I wrote some lyrics once. I don’t think I’m really “into it” with this fellow. I think we’re in agreement on many things. Plus he’s just a cutie anyway and fun as hell to film at large gatherings when I don’t want to be in the middle of large and gross crowds who annoy me!

Here they are:

[Disclaimer: I was REALLY annoyed, and it was a hot, hot day! In July …]

I don’t want to waste another summer here
Sweating in the sweltering heat
Under the pressure of pretension
Of a place that wants to be like New York or LA
With out the late night sushi bars or Russian samovars
To back it up

Such pressure sure should not exist
In a town too small to catch a subway
Or the next train
Out of this

Here in Little Britches, Texas
We preach our southern fried religion
Our warped purist vision
Hear the irony clink in our glass
Like the ice cubes in a glass of Chardonnay
And our pride makes us swell above our – hipster capris
In Little Britches, Texas

And as you sit there in your bobo liberal righteousness
Fresh from your trip to Whole Foods – judging me
For drinking tap water or buying gas or diesel fuel
Remember I’m not rich enough to change the rules
Just rich enough to point out I can’t buy a shirt that
Sherpas made that you are wearing casually
as you drive home to your house in Westlake

And that’s some irony in the Live Music Capitol …
Of nothing …
Just plug the robot in behind the Strat and hit the Jimmy preset
Can’t hit a rock without hitting a thousand bands who’ll play for free
apparently including me
So you can go out and help try to dig us out of this
Or you can stay home and watch some more reality …