More Fu

Oh, you want to know the LYRICS to the song. Well … uh … HERE …


It’s pouring outside / I’ve got it bad as the weather
It’s all damp inside my mind / I don’t have it together

But some people like to live like this
Because the rain makes all the waterfalls into rainbows around
And I laugh and make appropriate sounds
But you can’t hear what I’ve been dreaming about …

I hold tight against myself / like a human umbrella
Yes sir … the shoe fits, but I ain’t no … Cinderella
I’m just filling up holes in the street with these pools overflowing
I’m late to the dance
And my roots are showing

There’s water everywhere
Are you gonna drink it?
Or will you just let it trickle down politely
when we could just throw down in the rain
-like we mean itI

The clouds move secretly, faster – I’m poised for disaster
wondering illegal things
I’m thinking about all the shining

And the rain makes a pretty parade
I see you, shove up my glasses / double-check the subtleties I made
and they’re much too subtle … I’m afraid

You know it’s not quite like all that
But I could drink you down right now
I guess this is kinda hard for you to understand
I guess the weatherman could declare me legally mad

There’s water everywhere
Are we gonna drink it?
Gulp it down like we mean it
I don’t believe you can’t see it clearly!
We’re steaming / and we could throw down like we mean it
in the rain

You can look for the root of my crimes / in my past life
Put on galoshes, wade through my present time
Trip right to the flip-side then slip down to your never-mind

This is not about you
It’s about what I go through
when you and all the you-and-me too-s
come marching through
my stormy parade …

*As for specifically what/who it’s about or referring to … it’s complicated and not entirely consistent. But I do have some ideas. Or maybe an idea.

More Fu

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