At least one poem

I’m going to put down at least one poem a day. Just because. I don’t want to get lost. I have to say something. Here’s one I found. I wrote this a while back, but it spoke to me today. Perhaps I feel a little alienated. I think I felt sort of connected to something for a while, and then … I wasn’t. It’s strange how the universe works … I will try to finish all my projects though. I am a professional. 🙂


The little girl
told the crying boy
who looked at the mess
on the floor

“It’s your heart –
so pick it up.”
He told her
“I don’t know why I cry.”

She tried to hold his hand;
and he loved her empathy.
But then he snatched it back, because
he didn’t understand

And she cried out
inside the crowd –
not knowing that he cried
inside his eyes

She hates him
for his apathy …
He hates her
for her loss of pride

The little boy
no longer cries
He gets a broom now;
lives his life

The little girl
mourns for her heart,
then mops the floor
and then, her eyes.

At least one poem

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