Another poem

Here’s another one. Two (maybe more if I feel like it) in the same day.

I’m thinking about doing a series on intimacy. It’s one of my favorite topics. Maybe it’s the social skills thing. How I get really attached to people. How it’s weird. I wrote this one long ago, when I just got really FASCINATED with this random guy’s eyes at a cafe. He had these really strange dark blue eyes and his female companion had the most beautiful wrists. But I tried not to stare, because even though I feel like I have a god-given right to stare at the other humans (because I’m a songwriter, so I think that all people have been given as my personal inspiration fodder-eye candy-subject matter I-know-I’m-horrible!) … even though – well … it’s RUDE.

So I just wrote a poem instead. Because if I’d been abducted by a hostile alien ship, and so had my anonymous blue eyed dishy friend … well, he certainly wouldn’t mind me staring into his interesting eyes and even hearing me talk about these things. Whereas now all I can do is bore my husband and close friends with this crap. Or make you read about it. That is if you’re still reading. And not thinking perhaps this poor woman’s husband should institutionalize her and find a nice girl who can successfully make soup.

Ha, ha. Just kidding. I don’t belong in an institution, and I make AWESOME soup. At some point, I will post an entry called ‘Tomato Soup Night.’ You will LOVE IT!

For now, here is the poem …


If you and I
were stranded
on some desert isle
-or absconded with
by aliens
who only thought of
recipes –
of human meat …

If we were trapped
inside their spaceship-kettle
would you cling to me
as desperately as you now cling
to your precious

If we were in a
prison –
awaiting execution
would we bind together
in our commonality –
discuss a revolution?

Or would we look away
as on a subway
or a street
and think that universes
parted us?
would we hold each other
in a subway’s
uncommitted, stern embrace
-the one-night stand
of forced proximity
enforced by traveling space

Another poem

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