So I woke up this morning at 7AMish because it was all hot in my room. Gross-sticky hot. I think it’s all these central heating things we’ve been dealing with. And the cedar.

Everyone in Austin is wildly allergic to cedar, or at least they have strong opinions about it. It crawls up the nose and makes you sing badly. It provokes reaction. It makes everyone crazy in some way.

Sure, I could blame it on that. Whatever. Really I’m just feeling random. When I do this I make lists. So here’s another one. UNLIKE yesterday’s which was a BITCHY list; and an excuse to freak out because I was afraid of something happening which I Cannot Control and which will Eventually Happen Anyway – THIS list will be fun. This is going to be a list in the spirit of what my lists are meant to BE!

And since people are reading this, I may put a list of QUESTIONS, and see if anyone will answer them. If NOBODY does, I may post them in other fun places until I get my WAY! Just beause I am curious about people.

1. I used to call myself moi from time to time, until someone (don’t remember who) told me it was pretentious, and that Miss Piggy did it. I think it was just a diary thing.
2. I’ve been keeping journals on the computer since 2001 other than blogs (and possibly longer on the 3.1 machine), and re-reading them is REALLY strange.
3. There is a really SAD looking apple on my coffee table in front of me which I will not throw away because I hate to waste food. It won’t get eaten. I will intend to cook this apple, but never will – and Mike will end up throwing it away behind my back.
4. I don’t like the scent of Patchouili and (alas!) I cannot spell it, so why did I get the soap and consent to keep it from the stocking stashes for Christmas?
5. I got the Beatles re-masters for my birthday, and they RULE!
6. If you let piano sightreading go, even for a MINUTE – and it’s not your thing – it will slip like bad elastic.
7. It doesn’t bother me about the religion of a famous writer whose stuff I like (as per a post I saw in one of my feeds) because I fully expect famous people to have religions that don’t fit in with my world view – plus I can’t really talk, can I?
8. The UT Longhorn football under the TV kind of annoys me, but I’m glad my husband found something he enjoys doing with the guys.
9. If I ever lost my hearing, I wouldn’t be like Beethoven, I’d just complain.
10. I love my UT LHB drumline jacket because of the way it fits and because it says my name on the left lapel (like the Pink Ladies or something šŸ™‚ )- but I wish it didn’t say “Longhorn Band Drum Line” or whatever on the back, because even though it looks cool and I can’t wear it anywhere. I was in the pit, for crying out loud!
11. I miss writing in CAPS and only going to numbers 11 or 13 because it doesn’t make sense. Because I’m too lazy to type in italics or whatever.

1. What’s the BEST salty snack in the whole WIDE world, EVER???
2. You’re on a deserted island. You brought something you’re REALLY thankful for, but you also FORGOT something you really need. What are these items?
3. Do you like perfume or smellynice stuff (yes, this works for boys too) and if so what is it / are they(these items)? Or is it a secret? Because if it is that’s totally okay. Some of my nice smelly stuff is secret too.

(You don’t have to answer these questions publicly. You can just answer them in your SOUL if you want. I’ll know they are there. This could, of course be preemtive because I don’t think that people are reading my blog … not really (parenthetically burried pity party) … but whatever) .


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