Donut bite off more than you can chew.

In four minutes, I would like to leave here to acquire some grilled cheese of some kind because my house smells like odd cat. Like a foreign cat from a desperate land. Not sure why.

So anyway. What am I supposed to do about the Donut Thing?

What is the Donut Thing?

Well, it’s something ridiculous I typed. And then repeated in chat. Which is a terrible place at Too Much Awesome where wonderful things can happen or you can freak out and have nubile teens watch you talk yourself into ever shortening corners. Mine are donut shaped. Because you CANNOT MAIL A DONUT. I looked into it. You can if you’re, like, a donut shop.

Here is a photo of a donut wearing sunglasses for your viewing entertainment:

Cool Donut
(not rocking the shades)

Ha, ha. Very funny. I was thinking about sending PICTURES of a donut. And right now, I think I’m just going to have to save this and go.

Earlier, I tried to EAT part of the donut, before giving up on it in disgust.

I’m sure you all think I have a lot of time on my hands. I don’t. I’m actually in the middle of a LOT of things, and I’m doing all these OTHER things in the meantime to keep the Snow Leopard upgrade from driving me crazy (I dislike and fear change). Notice I did not say I Hated change this time. This is because I am Growing.

One thing that I am going to have to do before I leave the house though is get dressed.

I know that it is not going to be acceptable to send Rhod

1. A mere photograph of a donut. Particularly since he is a better photographer than me, and he can take pictures of donuts any time;

2. A drawing of a donut, for I cannot draw

3. An ice sculpture of a donut, because there’s no ice here, and it would totally melt.

I also would feel bad about sending more donutty fun to Rhod because I have not finished my TOTALLY DONE watermelon video. I need to get the cord to that FRICKIN camera. I am a PSYCOPATH! ACK!

The cool thing about being psycho though is that you can think of many things at once. And I have pestered my duo partner (who is very secretive) to allow me to put a cut of our rehearsal demo (which he has shown to no one) on some of my sites to promote our regular thursday gig. So I’ll do that right quick at TMA and then Tweet about it. Then I’ll get the hell out of my PJs, because to still be maniacally typing in your PJ’s at 1PM is just ASTOUNDING!!!

Donut bite off more than you can chew.

3 thoughts on “Donut bite off more than you can chew.

  1. Dear Russ, the glasses are wrong – and cannot fly planes. Plus Rhod is not wearing bad coconut in his hair.

    Dear Cat, the donut would have been better fresher and sans coconut. Thought about eating the glasses, but occasionally like to “rock the vintage look” if at all possible.

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