Listy McAllister wants to barf on her computer.

I have been feeling SUPERcalisuckaliciousmegacrappadocious today. Gack (that’s an “ack,” but even stronger. Reserved for those special times in a girl’s life where it’s really cold and SUPER SUCKY!)

1. I cannot get my #$&(% together on the video-creation front. I have audio in one channel. I’d like to throw iMovie into the sea. Everything Mac will not work with my Apogee Duet, and I don’t understand anything. I’d just like to videotape myself. Yes, I know that we are not calling it “videotape.” I’m not a doofus. I was born in the 70s. Get over it.
2. My house is a mess, and I can’t find the cable to my good videocamera, which is where all the Harry-Watermelon footage is stored.
3. I’m doing charts for some TMA thing, but my heart’s not in it today. I’m making dumb mistakes on a scratch track that I should be able to do in my sleep. I think it’s because it’s cold and dark in my house. And because nobody loves me. Or I don’t love myself. Or because Finale won’t let me delete the last blank stave, which means that no one will love me, because it’s a simple frickin’ thing, isn’t it???
3&1/2. I need to stop posting random stuff all over the interenet, because no one is paying attention.
4. I need to do the dishes.
5. I need to clean my room.
6. I have four people that I need to stop net-stalking. Seriously. Get a frickin’ life!
7. I want my husband to come home and entertain me.
8. I need some friends that are interested in me.
9. I need some local gigs at cool places that interesting friends will find … uh … interesting and that I will not want to barf when I play there.
9&1/2. I need this subversive thing that I’m doing on the internet which I will not talk about for fear of being made fun of for the rest of my life to get “another installment” so that I can get another “fix” and be happier. It’s not as bad as net-stalking but it’s close.
10. I need to figure out how to blog and write about myself without wanting to barf.

I need to not click publish, but I’m going to and that’s just too bad …

Listy McAllister wants to barf on her computer.

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