THIS WAS POSTED at my TMA profile

It’s Today. Today is the First Day of a New Decade. This you Already Knew. But it Bears Repeating. In Capitol (records) Letters. Like a VeryImportantPart of a VeryNutritiousBreakfast. 🙂

[subliminal messages … off]

I will now communicate in lists. One of my (non)-Resolutions is to blog a bit every day. There are no rules to this.

Anyway. Here are six and a half random things about me that you did not know.

1. I like to get tattoos in quick spontaneous bursts of … uh … spontanaiety. When I got the one on my wrist, I knew full well that I was dressed like a middle aged housewife that day, and that the artist thought I was gonna crack-n-cry. I stood stock still and didn’t move a hair and we had a very entertaining conversation. I was very, very proud that he thought I was a bad ass, and considered trying out for Mötley Crüe later that day.
2. I would rather be tortured a little bit than have to fold laundry all day or deal with cockroaches. I may have revealed these things in lists before, but they bear repeating.
3. I used to have a (backup) email address that was It’s no longer active. Neither is the first one that I ever had, which I chose before I really *understood* what an email was supposed to be:
[they are both inactive]
4. I’ve been using Finale for a notation program since before 3.7 pre (1997/98). Probably since about 1993.
5. Today I will eat five black eyed peas.
6. This year, I will win ..


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