chatty afternoon.

I’m on TMA chat, and we’re talking about poetry. This is a song I wanted to write and it’s just sitting in the backlog.

“No one’s as horny as me, I promise you that …”

said the cat,
“I disagree,” said the undersexed bee.
“My woman has been rather busy
workin me like a dog…”
“How the hell would you know!?”
bitched Fido –
(Then his wife ‘cuz she carped a lot
“how you would know about bitching love?”
And Fido said, “hush dear, you carp too much”)
The carp said, “your fish-talk offends me, and it takes one to know one”

“Enough!” said the toad, “can’t we all get along?”
“Who are you, the Buddha?” – said the kangaroo?
The silkworm, who frankly was tired and couldn’t get painkillers ground down to dosages more size appropriate … she got kind of shrill and became (no pun intended)
a pill.

…(and please do not kill me for that one!)

…and said, “Hey mate, what do you know about religion
and hasn’t your visa expired as well? –
so I think that the meadow might join me
in a rousing round of go to hell…”

The crickets agreed, or they would have if they hadn’t been chanting

-I can not hazard a guess, as to what the lizards would have said
for they were off door to door
for I think they may have been Jehovah’s witnesses.

And the cat had gone next door as well,
and asked for a favor because it had problems
-She thought the elephant might let her borrow … well .. her, you know
But it had been taken, by -get this – the mosquito

And the goat was amused by this clatter –
and did not think a lot was the matter
he knew just exactly who the horniest animal was
in the bestial kingdom


chatty afternoon.

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