‘Mistakes Were Made’ … with backstory

I’m in SongFu again … Here is the SONG –  and this one has a serious plot! Someone mentioned that it was “chilling …” The folks at TMA were quiet when it was playing. I guess that’s good … either that or they think I’m creepy …

Anyway, you may vote at the songfu link above. You can vote once from one ip – and for five people. VOTE FOR ME!

Anyway, moving on … I am obsessed with pairs figure skating.

OBSESSED … This is probably one of my favorite skates. This performance is always in my head as an idealized performance because of the unison work out of the jump combinations. The individuals themselves aren’t so much (being happily married). I made up the situation of the characters. I thought maybe they could skate this connectedly, but be falling apart as a unit or something. My character is Russian, like in the song. Everything else can be inferred.

I was thinking about  this winter olympics, because it falls on Valentine’s Day and the challenge for Song Fu was about winter and a holiday. I just had to add the concepts of beauty, murder, sex, and betrayal. The words are below. Our heroine is not a pairs skater … I envision her doing something like this, perhaps betraying a coach or some other relationship she came with (again, inferred) …

The beginning of our piece is full of national anthems. They are played in my creepy way. The last two: ‘Star Spangled Banner’ preceeded by Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiysko Federatsii (or Государственный гимн Российской Федерации), which is from the Russian Federation. They close the intro as my protagonist and her “accomplice.” They are not getting the gold. Others (Flower of Scotland, God Save the Queen, Das Deutschlandlied, O Canada, La Brabançonne) were the ones I got from mining the nationalities of the SongFu contestants. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. I went to the sign up page of Song Fu V. It was rather long.

Here are the lyrics:

I’m cold, but we’re used to it
You say something in Russian about shadows
and I say “the trees throw dark shapes on the ground …”
And you say “it looks like they’re hunting us down”

And you’re not supposed to be gold for me … just distracting

So I say “sure, yeah … we’re running away
from the village, the interviews, Valentine’s Day.”
And I watched you stroke for an hour on the ice
-we killed time, breathing, taking up space

Now we’ve gone too far in the dark cold
On the floor of the forest the leaves have turned gold

We are skin and flesh and bone through
You slip over me and I’m tangled around you
We can’t feel the air and you breathe through my mouth
-you swallow my excuses right down

And afterwards I talked about my problem;
you say – “don’t say his name”
but a spade is a spade and we’ve dug our own … grave

So you hand me the bottle and I drink and ask,
“what should become of your lover-then … lover?”
When you wrap together, or throw her, or lift her up high
is the dance a ritual of sacrifice?

The next day it’s not okay
and there’s nothing to say

“mistakes were made”

We must be content to go separately alone
-call the searches for animals lucky
The lake is so icy, we’re both so strong
but it won’t be winter …for long

‘Mistakes Were Made’ … with backstory

2 thoughts on “‘Mistakes Were Made’ … with backstory

  1. Mary Ellen Broske says:

    Hi Denise. Good luck on your competition. I read your song (poem). You are right. It is a tad creepy, but I still like it. But then, I have been studying serial serial killers and forensic psychology lately. Your song fits right in.

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