The Hour Before Song Fu …

This is something I dashed off. It’s stupid. I haven’t been blogging very much lately. Haven’t really felt like it. I don’t really like to blog much anymore. I think I’m afraid of being online. I was happier when I had fewer people that I knew floating around here. Oh well. Ack.

Twas the hour before Fu’s due
My song was not ready
My brain was as useless as moldy spaghetti
The soundproofing was hung round the room with great care
(In hopes I’d record some sounds people could bear!)

As far as this fu, I was filled with foreboding
I’d tried several ideas – my mind was exploding!
I was cranky and smelly and needed a nap
I must admit that I yelled out “WHAT THE CRAP?!?!”

The screams drifted downstairs to my usually calm mate
(Actually he knows about how I run late)
I was swearing and screaming and saying “I quit!”
He walked calmly upstairs as I ranted about it …

“My mac it has stolen my song file away –
It’s a conspiracy … there is no way
I will ever continue in music again!
I’ve had it! I’ve had it! The suck demons win!”

The ironclad rule: “There’s no crying in Audio!”
Made me stop my ride in the psychopath rodeo
My husband was calm as he slid behind the Mac
He quietly helped me to get my file back

The song was a tad late, not as flash as I like
The levels quite off and the reverb not tight
Next round I will be more adroit with my time
(if you buy THAT … I’ll sell you a bridge for a dime … 😉

The moral of the story, I know it full well
If you take it too seriously, this stuff will be hell
We’re here to have fun, to find friends far and wide …
Are we pros? Well, who knows? You’re the one who decides

{sing in freeform}
The chatting was fun, amusing and scary.
But I’m tired of thinking of rhymes.
I’ve got to eat lunch and also …
I’ve got self imposed deadlines …
I think I will eat a salad, and some water with limes
(If you’re a some-times-atarian, of burgers be wary)

It’s rainy and cold. This poem is bad. Ack.
Happy Fu, Merry Christmas. To all a good yak.

The Hour Before Song Fu …

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