SONG FU 5: Lyrics

In a perfect world, I will fix this.
I swear it shall be done
This is the MASTER’S OF SONG FU5 ENTRY that I made it in for just in time!

BTW: (*there’s a note at the end, about some lyrics)


I never seem to finish / any thing I start
I never go audition / so I never get the part
Always sitting in the shadows / while the cool kids pass me by
Racking up excuses / and all the reasons why

It’s only four-fifths
And it’s not good enough to win your love
Four-fifths / and it’s not good enough
to make it …

This isn’t going well / I’ve just got something random down
I’ll commit to it right now / maybe you can’t tell I’m freaking out
… with a boy that makes you paranoid, your sit’ch is gonna crack
So you set yourself back up in case the other one don’t stack up

Four-fifths, this is only four-fifths
And it’s not gonna be good enough / not good enough
Four-fifths / it’s only four-fifths
And it’s not good enough
to make it … to #1

[Weird trippy BRIDGE]
But you know that the other songs were perfect
…perfect and superior
and superior to everything
I ever, ever did
(the angst is palpable)

I obviously take exception to the rule … of mediocrity
“She’s such a fabulous specimen of a songwriter.”
(Look at her go …)
– – – – (na, na, na, na …)

Time bends slowly in exile
no one understaaaaands
in my bedroom all alone

No one understands the bleak black dreary darkness that my emo soul demands….
(no one understaaaaands…..)

it’s always four-fifths
but apparently it’s not good enough
four-fifths / four-fifths
I’m always faking it / but it’s not good enough … for your love

(only good enough for a fraction of your love
only good enough for a little tiny decibel of your love)

*this is an inaudible line that BARELY got heard in the mix. I decided to put it in the lyrics anyway. It’s kind of a rumbling grumble under everything. Oh welllwhale!

SONG FU 5: Lyrics

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