Update on Me …

1. That last post should have been backdated. It’s taken me three days to write it.

2. I am bookoo behind on Cigar Girl.

3. I have a secret cigar to review. Two, actually. Shhh. Don’t tell.

4. I’m getting my hair done today. I’ll have pictures. I may even play a song. Yeah, I’m awesome.

5. I have a hideous dental appointment in about thirty minutes. Why no, I’m not dressed.

6. My first episode of the V-blog will be tonight. I will make a list of topics, and I will talk about them.

7. This is lucky seven. My YouTube is pretty now. I am going to upload some charming videos up there of some of the ridiculous things my husband and I do on our anemic site. Yes, they are all quite legal. They are things like having brunch and him making fun of my accent, even though he is the one living in a foreign country. Oh, snap. Yeah, I just said that. If I have to live in your world I will borrow your colloquialisms. I thought no one was reading this, but I was surprised the other day by a comment from Joe Covenant. I hope I remembered how to spell “Covenant,” because it is an important word – which a few men I have been involved with seem to have forgotten …

THIS SONG IS TOTALLY RATED RRRRRRR (not pirate “R”, bad R … cuz there’s cussing. Don’t go if you’re religious or a kid. Just don’t. And stop judging me for being p.o.ed at my old musicians. It’s fun to vent. Ack.)

And no … I like bass players, I’m just a woman of contradiction. (yes, I like this broad …)

This is beautiful, by the way.

If you’re offended, I deeply apologize. And I will try to get over it.

Update on Me …

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