Professional Underpants Time

This guy Russ Rogers who is a one-mander called Rusty’s Rocking Jamboree (who I have to call “AT” “Rocking Jamboree” (@RockingJamboree) on Twitter made a Commie-lover commie loving song on the YouTube and it’s cutecutecute! Plue he talked about me on the Twitter, which nobody does. So I watched his video and then worked on my Youtube account, then fell asleep at the cafe!

He’s got more videos on his myspace. Prolly on his legitimate site too.

Which brings up another excellent point. There’s band camp. There’s that other site that the Fu-ers (including me) are doing … That Mike Lombardo site … Too Much Awesome. After much deliberation, knowing full well that I was THIS AWESOME

{offensive video removed; inwhich I am no longer awesome}

I said I was like, a level two awesome …

Anyway … this all reminds me of this thing I used to do back when I had musicians that used to hang out with me. Before I didn’t. Even though now I do again (yay! praise be! whoooo!). I called it the Professional Underpants Group.

It’s kind of based on that urban legend, which may be true about how in those Parisian salon days they may have thrown underwear on the stage in Beatlemania-like appreciation … (here’s a good Chopin book about those times … and here’s – by the way a REALLY NEAT THING that the folks from the Piano World Forums did.).

Consequently, there’s a musical called Lisztomania. It is an “erotic, exotic electrifying rock fantasy.”

Professional Underpants Time

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