Something new and Interesting

I have started publicizing these blog posts on Twitter. Sigh. This is my last ditch little effort to be cool. We’ll see how it goes. At some point I will finish writing music and maybe make some videos and stuff. I got a camera and some Worthy Ideas of Entertaining Meritoriousness.


So that this post is not a complete waste of your time, I will put some goodies in here.

There’ll be something first for the Vegetarians, but if you’re not into this – when it starts smelling like Bacon … well you’d better flee! It’s all rather suggestive so if you don’t like it … bolt now

Banned Superbowl PETA add …

I included that for the Veggies among us, because you’re not going to want to see any baconwear below … it’s below the brocs

borrowed from someones flickr
borrowed from someone's flickr

and now … check this out

yeah … it really happened

Something new and Interesting

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