Nice New Post :)

I’m not going to elaborate much. It’s not cool. But it’s time for me to get A LOT more professional about how I deal with my emotions. I’ll probably find that there will be a lot more time in my day.

In other news, here’s 10 EXCITING THINGS that have occurred.

1. I’m learning all about the II-V-I chord progression in jazz. This is basic stuff to some people, but this is stuff that I just kind of glossed over. It’s not really something I ever utilized much.

2. I finally bought a Longhorn shirt. At Academy.

3. I renewed my Austin Public Library card.

4. We went to Costco and all we got was Q-tips and Listerine.

5. When I went to the library with my friend (the massage therapist who owns the turtle), I checked out an OBSCENE number of books:

-Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, The Name of the Rose (Umberto Eco)

-The Lovers (Pearl S. Buck), The Good Earth (also Pearl S. Buck), Bound Feet & Western Dress, The Beauty Myth

JassAn Equal MusicOne Bite with a StrangerBergdorf Blondes

6. I have till midnight to have – my Brahms Intermezzo, and I think I’m gonna do it.

7. I cleaned my fridge

8. I worked on three songs and started some new lyrics

9. I buckled and downloaded a superfluous app for loyalty points in Vampires Live

10. I got to wear long sleeves three and a half times.

Nice New Post :)

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