‘O Queen’

I have gotten into Masters of Song Fu round three by the skin of my ass. Here is the song, ‘O Queen‘ – and its lyrics below. I will post reviews of both rounds on this site.

Thank you! 🙂



Men look at queens of the past for their clues
trying to see where the problem lies
in these old women’s shoes

Many men could have said / off with the ladies head!
what shall I do with her ?
maybe my wife should burn …

Queen Christina, oh Queen Christina
how thankful am I, that I live my life in 2009 …

I look to the past and know my sorry ass
would have tried not to fight
but my head would have ended up upon a pike –

for all to see
matrimonial expressions of horror
at justice gone so awry!

If now were then
would you’ve pulled me off of the fire … then ..?
 – instead of now asking me for advice

Queen Christina, Queen Christina oh queen …


PS. Christina is Christina of Sweden. She was not executed and lived from 1626-1689. She was the daughter of Gustavus Adolphus and she was a patron of the arts – helping men such as Corelli and Scarlatti.

‘O Queen’

2 thoughts on “‘O Queen’

  1. Thanks for posting the lyrics!! If I had a criticism to share about the song it’s simply that the words are in some places a little hard to discern against the harpsichord, but they’re actually quite clever! A one-minute song is hard enough to do, and you managed one with a message! Brava!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m a little slow at blog management here. Yeah, I haven’t gotten the mix-and-master thing down yet … and REALLY hadn’t at the point in time when I made ‘O Queen.’ I may remix it and pull those levels to the right place. Haven’t decided yet …

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