Songfu Entry Number 2

Here it is:  

Anna’s Gerbil & the Singularity

You can vote at the Quick Stop Songfu webite.  If you have trouble voting, refresh the cache and try again.  The voting engine has been squinky.

Below is the story of the song.  If you feel there are any gaps or questions, use your imagination!

Happy Hearing


The way I keep things (relatively) short is to do it in list form, so we’ll keep it to that:


1. Anna is abruptly awakened! Her gerbil was already awake, spinning-spinning on his cute wheel.
2. She hears something … she is amazed and communes with it. Its beauty distracts her from a hostile takeover of her bedroom.
3. This is their first step.
4. The strange visitors come in two forms … Master and Slave
5. The slaves can fit in a cage … but gerbils don’t think of themselves as slaves like the visitors do
6. The slaves are very tiny, the masters, are not. The masters have lovely voices.
7. The gerbil doesn’t want to share his cage with tiny programmed slaves running robot military drills in between his wheel and the food.
8. Anna feels her gerbil is upset; the gerbil becomes agitated and protests his plight by loudly stomping his foot.
9. The tiny robots suddenly understand they are in a first contact situation and immediately disappear – taking their large ship and masters with them.

Do Anna and her gerbil now share a psychic connection? Did the self-improving scarily advanced “race” of robots’ finally reach a tipping point into self-actualization? Did the robots and the gerbil come together in a kind of psychic and territorial peace treaty? Were the robots ever going to grow in size?

Who knows? Maybe they had eerie weapons and it is better they left. Maybe they went to a certain wormhole to study the reject song ideas. Or simply, to rock.

Songfu Entry Number 2

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