So, I’m uploading a video on YouTube.

It’s just a cute little video I took of a friend of mine’s kid at a Mexican restuarant a few months ago.  But I’m thinking about these things, because I’m doing this SongFu thing and everyone is doing videos and achieving and doing all this other stuff.  I’m a real hermit crab – and don’t even like to put that many things on myspace.  I’m really chuffed that I’ve even put ‘Tomorrow’s Not Today’ up there, because it’s a real good song and I feel like I’ve “lost” it somehow to the “powers that be.”  Even when I get it “back,” there will still be a “server copy” lying around somewhere and that could get hacked to bits and changed into a combo Elephant Tap dancing PeeweeHerman Rapa-baroqabilly Housetrance Acoustic Spoken Word Solo Underwear Concerto.  That’s if anything amazing ever happens to-me-ha-ha (which is the type of attitude I suppose these big companies bank on you having; the “well aren’t YOU big for YOUR britches to think that YOU need to copyright yourself so much that your PRECIOUS material doesn’t need OUR DIY help … you VISCIOUS PROLE!!!”).  Meanwhile, there’d be a lawsuit the size of Pangaea if we took a brass farthing from them …

Anyhow …

So I’m doing some research on all this, and I’m uploading the video at the same time.

Funnily enough, the video kept loading JUST fine.  But the ‘terms of service’ site kept coming up with a server error message.  As in “the YouTube servers are busy.  Or down.  Nuttinhoney ??? Move along, Charlie!  :)9 (that’s a cybergrin with a stylish and jaunty goatee).  All the while, my file’s busy chugg, chugg, chugging away. Now, I’m no techie.  Maybe I was part of the traffic clog.  But it seems kind of odd to me.  How much fairy dust does it take to open the terms of service page?  Why is that one the first to go?  And three times?  How extremely odd!

I did find an interesting article about all this though.

Makes me rethink all my plans about how I’m going to do all this.  Again.  Like I haven’t been already the whole time.

Would Alex Jones feel proud?  One-upped?  Or just call me an ameteur.  A dilletante!!!


1. Bedtime.  HA!;  2. Lists: Finally making their wordpress debut.  Yay.  They’ve been on my lj forever; 3. Songfu: starting to freak me out; 4. Husband: sleeping, like a normal person.  I should record him, because he’s snoring; and sounds like Ferris Beuler’s recording.  That’d just be wrong though; 5. My blankets itch.  This might have something to do with my non-sleepiness.  And excessive Twittering …

PS.  Texas thunderstrorms rule, except for the stupidroaches.


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