‘Leave the Stone Alone’

Vote for my SONG FU song here.  Or forward this to EVERYONE you know so that THEY can vote for it


The voting engine is having trouble.  So you may have to try a few times.  This is a pain, so action will really jack up your karma! 🙂

Also, to further add to the confusion, my track is a bit … quiet.  Make sure you turn it up.  Yes, I will learn how to normalize properly in the next round.  The song is still, however, a STUNNER!

DH, out

PS. The song is not actually called ‘Leave the Stone Alone, Yep.’  There is no ‘yep.’  I had to send a corrected file.  If I’d been able to send another, or another in a series of orrected (perhaps normalized?!) file/s … you may be begging all your friends to vote for ‘Leave the Stone Alone_Yep2 ;’ or even ‘Leave the Stone Alone_Yo-Diggety-Doo-Shampoopidditydoo’

And that’s just CRAZY Talk!

‘Leave the Stone Alone’

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