Song Fu

I uploaded my song on my myspace site … altho I hate that I don’t have my OWN page up and running and have to have a friggin myspace page and that I’m a net-mutant that functions … well … not in the least.  I have noticed that I need a snazzy website and an ability to design it and also an ability to perfectly run my own home studio.  What’s wrong with me?  This is probably why I have been lurking, cave-fish-like, in my house for forever … massive intimidation.  Oh well.  No more whining.  Time to get over myself and wait for the voting to commence so that I can trull for attention and make it to the coveted next round (fingers crossing).

I really am proud of my work 🙂

Despite the fact that I only got HALF of the production I wanted on it done, and that I had to cut it in THREE hours (WHEW!), and that I was still writing it at 7:30 because I ended up writing five songs on a total of six topics (with a short-list of 3 – including cigar, breath mint, and paperclip); and despite the sad fact that someone else has written a &*$*#  song about a (^*&*^ r0ck!!!!! aggghghghghghghghgg.  Two good coin songs and two good rock songs so far (if I do say so myself).

And there are a bunch of high quality folks doing this stuff.  There will be more, I’m sure.

 … I think that it REALLY DID turn out rather well.  So I’m going to remain calm and not spaz out.  I’m going to say that it’s like freaking out about another band writing a love song.  

EXAMPLE: “Oh, bullocks Nigel!  Criminy!  The band Twisted Knickers has written a LURRRVE song and stolhluhn our THUNDAH ….”

HYPOTHETICAL RESPONSE: “I know, Pricilla, dahling … what shall we do”

EX: “Kill them!  Maim!  Destroy!”

HR: “But Nigel, they hath completed their tune first!”

EX: “No matter Priscilla … now that I have learned to spell your name correctly, with an ‘S,’ I believe that even though they did complete their tune first – we have found a magic rock.  Therefore we will go back in time and destory ‘ze evidence”

[Nigel twirls his mustachios and slurks away into the gloom of nighttime conspiracy …]

So yeah – it’s like double musicians both doing a love song – rather than the Beatles finding out that another band had also done a tune covering meter maids, or whatever they were talking about in ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.’  Or whatever.  Who knows these things.  Perhaps I should just rock on.

Song Fu

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