Song Fu Take 2

Well the title speaks for itself, doesn’t it.  I’m cleaning out my bookmarks right now.  If you know me you know that this is some kind of uber daunting task that has been looming over my personal horizion for fifty-thousand years.  I feel like I’m going to throw up and I’m skipping two gigs that I’m supposed to be at (including one that is my brother’s).  Eek.  I am a horrible big sister.  But I’ve got to take care of myself.  Garden statuary are not going to pitch in and finish my songs for me.

There are birds trying to eat our cat food while I’m typing this, as I get eaten by fleas on the back porch.  I think I’m going to go inside.  Hopefully the first Song Fu task will not kill me.  The last first task was a mockery of my existence.  If it’s something like that this time (‘Write A Happy Song’), I think that I’m going to go outside and make a sample recording of some of these bitch-birds that keep trying to kamikaze-dive-bomb the cat food.  Just to make a point.

Song Fu Take 2

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