I’m at Ruta again, listening to a really great mix by the best sound guy in the galaxy.  I don’t like SXSW, usually, because I’m never doing anything during it – which is my own fault.  The one time I tried, it was difficult and exhausting.  And it was the time before my mother got really sick and then it was over.  I haven’t really gone for it again – I’ve just bided my time.  

Things are different now.  I’ve just kind of let things happen to me and I’ve done a LOT of practicing.  I don’t feel awful about it and I’m just mellowing.  An engineer friend of mine told me that I only sound whiny when I whine about whining.  This was high praise coming from him – because I always feel both comfortable and … well … whiny around him.  

When a really bad thing happens now, it only takes me half a day to get over it, as opposed to the old days, where I’d freak out and go into a week-long mourning period.  Now I make practice plans.  And then what I will do after I practice.


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