Chop, chop

Okay, it’s time to blog now, because I actually have something non-whiny to blog about.

I’ve entered a song contest.  I never thought I’d do one of these.  I’m not posting the link yet.  I don’t do that.  I’m going to talk about it and that’s it.  I’m not going to publicize this or get into it with anyone.  I’m treating this like my diary, once again.  I’m going to go back into my lj, fix my tags, and then try to link up in there so that I can actually talk about things in there and use real names and talk about people.  But this can be where I get into it about work-stuff.  Now that I have that.  And man … that feels really good.

I’ve done a few  things that I’ve been dragging my feet on for … literally … years.  And if anyone is reading this (I know that my husband is), you know how I like to make lists:

1.  I finally did something to move on from my past hangups, that have been causing me to stagnate in the “past” a bit.  This is a big deal 🙂

2.  I have set up my studio!  That means that I have gotten the software working and I can basically go in and record all the things that I need to and that everything is going to be okay.  Yay me!

3.  I have entered that song contest, like I said.  It’s 4:05 now, and I’m going to bed – but I sent off the bio and the photo and I’ll be up on the site.  They send out the first assignment on Tuesday and I think that I should go to martial arts either tomorrow or Tuesday itself to commemorate the occasion.  I may try to hit open mics every time I stay in a round (if indeed I do) to see if I can perform them quickly and just get back into the groove of playing.  I’m going to keep writing through each round, even if I don’t stay in.  I don’t think I will – I think I’ll get eliminated early because it’s my first contest.  I’m also going to enter the ‘Austin’ one.  I’ll talk more about that later – it’s too new. I’ve got to get my ducks in a row in the studio because it’s going to be LOTS of recording.

4.  I’m out of doing the musical, which is a relief.  And I did it withouth completely alienating everyone (I think!), which is also good.  I think that they’re disappointed that I left, but I needed to do this or I am never going to get going on the things I need to do this year.  If I don’t do it, I won’t record myself this year at all.

Chop, chop

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