So yeah … I thought that it was supposed to slowly ebb away.  Get a little better.  I was going to kind of sit on the front porch of the coffee shop – and obsessively … uh … surf the internet, we’ll just say.  But I’m not doing that.  The website in question will not cooperate with the server here, or something.  So I’m listening to country western pour out of someone’s cab.  It’s reminding me of my marine – which is just making me sad.  I’m wondering if I will have any people who are just mine left – or if they are all going to be absconded with.

I know that I’m just being bitter and absolutist, but I’m starting to freak out a little bit here.

I wanted to do some pro-active audio work today.  Finishing the troubleshooting that I need to do to move on with some of my stuff requires a cool head and concentration.  Neither of which I have.  My engineering buddy called me a day or two ago and told me that he’s going to help me soon – like next week or something.  That’s really good of him – but the fact is that I want to be able to do all the things I need to do and just ask him a few intelligent questions.  I don’t want to bug him with asinine BS.  I would rather just have done with all that.

Maybe there will be better reception for my voyeuring in the humidor.


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