RANDOM SNIPPETY FOOTNOTES: a word on swearing and “stripper songs”

this entry was transplanted from being an “about” page at the top of this blog to being an entry that I will refer to with Tags and things like that. It will become kind of part of a set of policy pages. This is kind of how I feel about things. So…yeah. This is me talking FROM THE FUTURE {4/13/2012}

A WORD ON “LANGUAGE” [there’s cussing behind the links tho – to make a point …]

It’s tough to write a blog, I have found.  This is because you are trying to be as authentic to yourself as possible.  You are also trying to please people – somewhat (at least, I am).  You are thinking of your more conservative friends … maybe some family (as in, “wow, should I really write about my opinions about the female orgasm in American sexual education” – not that there is such a thing … and not that there should be such an example).  See, we are already in trouble.  Is my post already compromised because I am trying to convey more of a “Fight Club” sort of edge – but I am only really “allowed” to call it “Poo Poo” and “Pee Pee?”

I am a Thirty-Four (six) *EIGHT!!!* ….


year old woman, by the way.

[LINKAGE DISCLAIMER: If you click on the links to these words, it’s because YOU WANTED TO GO THERE 🙂 ]

So what do you do when you can’t say the “Fword,” the “Sword …” and even … well, that … OTHER … ONE

Why have body functions become so taboo that they’re curse words anyway?

(yes, the face is clickable)

I guess I’m also trying to “protect” the kiddos, who may follow a link to my blog while reading family mail.

Muses … You should probably take the link to the blog off of the email signature, but you are prideful … and refer to yourself in the third person …

Pasting everything behind a cut solves all these problems – and absolves one by placing responsibility squarely on the reader.  Because there’s a difference between giving offense and someone taking offense.  It’s just one of the many services “we” provide.  Except when we don’t.

2008/8/1 – #1.

WHAT DOES “inside-the-denise-brain” mean?

“inside-the-denise-brain” was my first email address. As in “inside-the-denise-brain@mail.utexas.edu.” I didn’t really understand what an email address was supposed to be … so I had to “make do” with what my imagination was telling me. I didn’t understand computers really, or the internet. I was in the music lab, struggling to learn Finale (the music writing software); because I was getting hand-cramp from stupid longhand dumb notation (urrrrrgghhh-growl). I thought I might like to talk to someone. The last thing I really remembered about programming was Mr. Bojangles – on TI Basic. On those computers that you used to stick cartridges into so that we could play ‘Hunt the Wumpus”

go wumpus hunting, man!

This is a great game we played in our most awesome childhood

So sue me …

2010/6/18 – #2.


Uh … you really don’t want to know.

Okay. FINE. These are songs that make every woman, regardless of whether she is a nun, a whore, a mother of six, a power broker, an athlete, a shoe saleseman, a neruosurgeon, a professor, a gas station attendant, a stenographer, a barrister (I’ve always just wanted to type that, I’m an american), a barista (did you know that men are also baristas, and not barristers- because “Barrister” is actually a scientific term for “A lawyer from overseas??”)…. etc … you get it …

These are the secret “oh yeah” songs of our souls. I could have said it in a classier way I s’pose. But why? Life is so very short. So regardless of whether you install your pole in public or private, in real life or in your mind, these are your “sexy little numbers.”

Unless you’re not into all that (yeah, right……)

I’m a monster. But I’m honest! 🙂

or hell, not-a-woman-at-all-but-a-MAN, a plan … a CANAL…..

RANDOM SNIPPETY FOOTNOTES: a word on swearing and “stripper songs”

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