back again

I’m back again.  My computer needed a new motherboard.  Yuck.

We had James for dinner (he was tasty!) last night and that was hysterical.  Much talking … about everything.  We have much in common.

But in really, really large TODAY news – husband and I both have iPhones!  It means we had to switch to AT&T … which sort of pisses me off a bit (I like having more control) – but today we had finally had it with Sprint because they gave us another solicitation call.  When Mike told them to get off the phone … he wasn’t interested in buying a new phone, blah-blah-blah … and also that he was interested in switching anyway because of the iPhone … the lady literally said “what’s an iPhone?”

Then she proceeded to badger him about “maybe we have a phone with those features … blah, blah …”

Anyway.  The iPhone.  Yay.  And other good things happening.  But I’d better go look at my cool new toy!

back again

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